IV treatment

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Why we drip? Intravenous treatments provide another option for patients to make the most of their treatments. By injecting vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream we bypass the digestive system. This is especially beneficial for people who may suffer from poor digestion causing some difficulty absorbing nutrients. It also allows for quicker absorption as nutrients do not have to go through liver metabolism- meaning you can experience benefits as quickly as an hour after treatments. Further, these treatments are so well tolerated higher doses can be administered with fewer side effects. The cost per treatment ranges from $125 - 150.


Available IV Treatments

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Immune Boost

Do you find your getting sick more frequently? Your immune system may need some support. This therapy provides the building blocks for your immune system.


Meyer's Cocktail

Individuals who are fatigued and lethargic have to try this energy boosting infusion. This mix of B vitamins, vitamins,  and minerals that increase cellular energy and activity will feel amazing after one session.


Breathe Easy

This infusion supports the lungs and nasal passages. Particularly important for individuals with asthma, seasonal allergies, or if you have recently been exposed to a lot of inhaled chemicals.


Allergy Buster

This infusion is great right before allergy season kicks in. This infusion is full of antioxidants, and  minerals that prevent and minimize a hyperactive immune responses. Alleviating symptoms of seasonal allergies: stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing etc.


Skin Saver

This infusion promotes healthy tissue regeneration and is ideal for individuals who recently have experienced a surgery, trauma, or scarring. It also helps improve your skin- so you can leave your appointment with a healthy glow.  


Healthy Aging

Lets revisit what it means to age well. Harsh chemicals and lifestyles can accelerate the aging process, cause damage to cells and organ damage. This all impacts how you look and feel. This infusion promotes elimination of the free radicals that damage, or age cells. These antioxidants support healthy aging on a cellular level so you can feel great inside and out. 


Migraine Manager

Anyone suffering from migraines knows that they can be debilitating. This infusion is designed to prevent the onset of migraines, ensuring individuals get healthy blood flow to the brain and some natural pain relief.



This infusion is great for travellers, pre and post travel, that don’t have the time to loose on wonky sleep patterns. This hydrating infusion, supports your body as it travels through times zones. Meaning you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest.


Detox to Retox

This powerful infusion helps support your liver’s ability to remove toxins. Great for individuals who are concerned about toxin exposure, to reduce hangover symptoms, and individuals on weight loss plans.


Vitamin C

High doses vitamin C can be an excellent adjunct to many chemotherapy protocols.