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Employee wellness extends beyond exercise. There is ongoing importance for supporting your employees physical, mental and spiritual well being. When collaborating with the Health Professionals here at Crescent Health Clinic, we strive to engage employees and motivate them to take an active part and understanding in their health. This commitment to improving their health, along with strategy and support from us here at CHC, will help to decrease stress, improve the immune system thereby reducing sick days away from work and increasing productivity. Most importantly, an employee who feels taken care of will be happier and healthier and want to invest their best back into the company that cares for them.

We believe that engagement, motivation, support and strategy are keys to a successful program. Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behaviour change. Sustainable change takes both time and commitment, CHC is here to serve you and your team, so together we can optimize health and happiness.



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The ABC’s of our corporate wellness programs

The Advocate, The Bespoke & The Cornerstone


The Advocate

Creates an opportunity for your team members to take an active role in their health. We come and assess individuals on a one-on-one basis, giving treatment plans to optimize their health.

Looking to increase motivation, and ensure health or each team member. This program empowers each team member to take an active role in their own health. We bring the appointments to you, at the convenience of your team. This personalized experience motivates people to take control of their own health, while saving your employees free time and the company absenteeism due to sick days.  

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The Bespoke

Looking for that extra touch? We can accommodate. Bespoke corporate packages allow you to tailor to the exact needs of your team.

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The Cornerstone

Setting the foundation of future knowledge and skill based learning. Engaging, creative and full of knowledge. These presentations are designed with research-based facts but also filled with take home tips and advice that can be useful everyday.

Our team at CHC can present these talks in your boardroom during lunch. We offer single talks as well as a series of 4-5 sessions depending on what your team is looking for. We offer presentations on an array of topics, and share this knowledge through creative and unique ways to ensure engagement and fun.

$200 (45-60min)

Sampling of topics: Stress, Immunity, Anxiety and Depression, The truth behind supplements, Brain Health, Heart Health, Gut Health